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August 8, 2006

I’m so excited. I finally finished my current round of soapmaking. I have listed all my soaps for pre-order on my site because of limited quantities. I managed to make ten scents for this first round. I even figured out my colorants and they are looking lovely now. It would have been very helpful if the colorants had come with instructions.

Now I can focus on Isabel’s approaching 4th birthday party. This year will be the first year that she is having a real party with her little friends. We have chosen a fiesta theme with a surprise pinata to finish it off. She has been wanting a pinata, so we decided to spring it on her, because she also likes surprises. She and Maddy will be making some decorations this week for the bash on Friay and making lists of potential party favors. Her actual birthday is on Sunday, which will be a low-key family day.

I can’t believe she is four already. I remember her first months of life when I thought that she would never stop crying or sleep. She still has amazing tantrums, but she has stopped the constant crying and she *does* sleep now. She is still the difficult child that she was when she was born, but she has matured in so many ways.

I have been contemplating cutting my hair recently. With our abnormal heat a couple of weeks ago and the time required in just brushing, washing and drying long hair, I am considering cutting enough off to donate to Locks of Love. I am nearly ready to do it. It is very strange though, how attached you can become to hair. Even if it becomes a hassle, if you have grown it out for awhile, it seems to become part of you and difficult to part with. I never thought that would happen to me and I have laughed at people on makeover shows who are actually crying when they get a major cut. I’m not going to be traumatized by it, but it hasn’t been a quick decision either.

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