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July 25, 2006

We survived our second heat wave of the summer. On Friday we had a high of 106 then on Sunday it was 104. We have been in our house for seven years and never bought an air conditioner. This year kicked our butt. When we finally decided to do it, every store was sold out. We drove many, many places on Sunday in a futile search for an a/c unit. On Monday our local Walmart had a shipment coming in. We had to wait in a line that stretched nearly the depth of the store and just get one off a pallet they were dolleying down the line. No prices listed and only two choices, 6000BTU or 8000BTU. It was kind of surreal. I felt like we were standing in an American version of the breadline! Now that we have our window a/c unit, our heat wave is over.

During our heat wave (this unbearable heat is going to be my excuse), Maddy whipped me in Scrabble. I have never been beaten in my own house before, however Maddy beat me with a 70 point lead at the end of the game. It’s not looking good when your opponent gets a Bingo three words in and all you have to work with is 2 n’s, 3 o’s, 2 i’s and two other letters. I’m proud that she beat me in one sense, but I’m ready for a rematch. She copied the board on graph paper and regular paper, saved the score card and took a picture for posterity.

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