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July 18, 2006

Our resident actress after her recent performances in Beauty Lou and the Country Beast:

“Bobbi Jo” with her “sisters”

“Bobbi Jo” with her younger sister “Zoe”

Our younger “Bobbi Jo” with her older counterpart

Maddy had a blast this year. She can’t wait until next year’s performance.

On a slightly different topic, I am a recent beet convert. I have only eaten pickled beets in the past and didn’t like them at all, so I figured I hated beets. We visited a local CSA last week because our weekly local farmer’s market was cancelled due to our annual turkey festival (aka Turkeyrama). The space where the farmer’s market would usually be is junk food alley during Turkeyrama. Oakhill Organics usually has a booth at the market so due to the fest they were going to have excess crops. They decided to have an open house and sell directly from the fields instead. It was a great chance to get to visit a working market farm and see organic gardening in real life and get some growing tips. The girls were thrilled to be out there and having the ability to identify most of the plants. We got to decide on our produce and then they went and cut it while we waited. How much fresher can you get it, unless it is in your own backyard! The growers had chioggia beets in season and they told me how wonderful they were. So, I thought what the heck, $2/bunch isn’t a huge loss if we hate them. Besides, Lawrence likes beets so he could eat all of them if we wouldn’t. I made them last night. I roasted the beets in a bit of olive oil and then sliced them after they were tender. I sprinkled a little red wine vinegar over and some sea salt and freshly ground pepper and they were divine! They were so sweet and the vinegar was a nice contrast. The bottoms of the beets, where they met the pan, had a lovely carmelized crust and they were a yummy bowlful of freshness. I sauteed the greens which didn’t go over quite as well, but they weren’t too bad. Greens are just a little bitter for my taste, except chard which isn’t bitter at all. The farm had the crispest, sweetest cucumbers as well. We are smitten with Katie and Kasey, the growers. They are our new best friends and we hope to see them Thursday at the farmer’s market. If I didn’t have my own garden I would definitely buy a share in the CSA!

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