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July 10, 2006

I’m going to be timely and post the photos of my little biker chicks right away before it goes lower on my to-do list.

I also forgot to post about the end of our day yesterday. Our county park system is celebrating its 50th anniversary by having a tangleboxing program this summer. It is the same as letterboxing, which is basically a box is hidden in a place (in this case in each of 10 of our county parks). In the box is a log, a stamp and an ink pad. You use clues provided in a “passport” which we are sold by our parks department and some other retail locations, and when you find the tanglebox you stamp your passport for that particular park and then you stamp the log book in the tanglebox with your own stamp (ours is a smiley face) and sign the book if you wish. We found our first one yesterday at a lovely little park that had a stream and lots of shade; the tanglebox was reasonably hard to find and I had given up when Lawrence yelled that he found it. The girls and Lawrence splashed around in the water for a good while and then we had some sweet, juicy watermelon. There will be a raffle in September (when we will be in NM) for all the people who have completed all or part of their passport. Too bad we will have to miss it!

Also, I have to brag on Lawrence and show a small project that he recently completed. These handrails look so good. The homeowners are so happy with it, they decided to do a railing like it all around their small porch.

Poor Lawrence, though, with all the fun (and the heat, his metal shop becomes an oven if the temp gets into the 90’s) over the weekend, he had to make up for it and work all night last night. He is still working. We haven’t seen him since 12:00 last night, when he woke up from a nap, had some dinner and left.

I have also gotten lots and lots of new pictures in the photo gallery. Some you have seen on the blog, most you haven’t.

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