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July 10, 2006

We had a lovely weekend. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Len were up visiting and they dropped by with James and Sarah on Saturday. The plan was to have lunch here (BBQ some of our beef) and after eating head to the coast. Well, that didn’t pan out so well. We kind of got stuck on the BBQ portion of our plans. Though many were disappointed at missing the coast, we still had fun. We played a few rounds of Boggle and visited and napped. The girls haven’t seen Aunt K and Uncle L for over three years. Isabel was only eight months old last time we saw them. After her initial 15 minutes of hiding, she came out of her shell and went non-stop til they left. The girls loved, loved them.

We heard many compliments and comments about K&L and reunion plans all evening until the girls finally crashed out from exhaustion. We, of course, enjoyed seeing them all too. It is really neat to see the girls with them though, because, not having family up here (besides James) the girls don’t have familial, grand-parently people that they see regularly and it is such a treat for them when they do.

The other big treat was that they stopped by on their way out and Uncle Len took the girls on short rides on the motorcycle. I think that they will do his eternal bidding now. They were so thrilled with that ride. They also enjoyed the visit to DQ that we splurged on before they headed out of town. We were sad to see them go and we led them out of town and waved as they drove away into the sunset…er, actually it was mid-afternoon and they were heading south, but you get my drift. Aunt K…we really, really enjoyed visiting with you all while you were here!

(Photos of the biker babes should be forthcoming.)

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