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July 3, 2006

Today will be a show and tell day.

Friday was the culmination of Maddy’s two week art program. They had a closing program in which the clown/juggling class performed, the choral class sung a few ditties and the improv class performed a piece. They also introduced all the teachers and did a few other things. I missed most of it because it was so warm in there and Juliana wasn’t in a mood to sit quietly. We did see plenty of the displayed art though. Below are some pictures of Maddy’s works from her jewelry and printmaking classes.

This is a magnet that Maddy made to give me on my birthday. I will have to take a close-up later. It is a girl’s face with two curls springing out of her head. It says “Girly” across the top. The main body of the magnet is copper, the face is in bronze, the curls are copper wire and the writing in engraved. The other kids made pins, but Maddy knows that I don’t wear pins, so she thought a magnet would be more appropriate. The ring that is just visible on the right hand side of the pic is also Maddy’s work. It is a simple silver band with embossed paws on it, dedicated to Pepper, our lab.

The four on the right are Maddy’s, that includes the one that you can only see the bottom half of it. The pic on the right is the rest of the cut-off one and it is also a bit closer. These are four of Maddy’s pieces from her printmaking class. She really loved that class.

Now, for my own work. I decided to make the pleated bag rather than the swing bag, because I didn’t want to have to draw up a larger pattern for the swing bag right now and the pleated bag is simply rectangles. It took longer than I thought, because planning is crucial and if you don’t layer things correctly and have to take out all the stitches to replace them, that can be very time consuming! I hate it when I do that. I’m not the best at spatial thinking sometimes. It is amazing how you have to imagine the project in your head in so many different ways when you are planning and not going from a pattern, and sometimes even when you are. I am very pleased with the results though. I used two different Amy Butler fabrics again. I have a new favorite bag now. Even the size is just about perfect, I think. The pockets are much deeper and keep my stuff better. I haven’t actually used it though, so experience will be the real test.

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