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June 23, 2006

We have reached a milestone in our family this week. Isabel has slept in her own big-girl bed upstairs in her bedroom that she shares with Maddy for four nights in a row now. All night for four nights. Some of you may remember that in February we moved Isabel into the crib that we used as an extension on the side of our bed, so that she wouldn’t be disrupting our sleep so much. My theory at that time was that if she wasn’t feeling the pressure of being pushed to sleep up there and the stress of waking up when she was already mentally uncomfortable with the idea that she would eventually learn to sleep all night and transition out. So, we backed up and moved her sleeping arrangements totally back into our room. Off and on she would ask to sleep in her room and I did let her try it once but she ended up waking very early in the morning and going into Maddy’s bed with her, so I told her we could try it again when she felt that she could stay in her bed all night, because I was dreading starting the waking cycle all over again. I could see that she had already been sleeping all night now in her crib-bed and didn’t want to lose that progress. However, a couple of weeks ago, she became very adamant about sleeping up there and I would tell her we’d see. She kept asking; she’s very persistant. I finally gave in with the condition that if she got into Maddy’s bed or came to ours she wouldn’t try it again for a good while. Much to our amazement, she has slept there the past four nights. She made the transition of her own accord and she is so happy with it now. We, however, rather miss her. We got used to her being so close and I’m not sure we were ready for her to move back up. This is a huge milestone because Isabel has always been a very troubled sleeper at night. The past few months are the only times she has ever slept through the night and she is continuing upstairs with it, because she was ready and we didn’t push her. So, our fears that she would still be joining us in bed nightly when she was a teenager were unfounded.

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