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June 16, 2006

We picked up our side of beef yesterday. It was kind of weird because the rancher emailed me and then called me and let me know it was ready and where I could pick it up an how much our side weighed (hanging weight) and the price. Then later we went to pick it up from the meat processor. We haven’t ever ordered a side of beef before, so we didn’t know what to expect. Apparently we were supposed to bring our own boxes, but they found some for us. Then they just roll a cart out, with eight trays with frozen meat and we start throwing into the boxes. Then they come out with another tray and say they forgot this one. So, we get it all loaded up and we are hoping that they didn’t forget anymore. How are we supposed to know what we should get? That’s their job right? It looks like a lot, but even if we were missing some it would still look like a lot, I guess. So, we get home and put it in the freezer and find a package of lamb liver in with the rest of the beef and also find we are missing our dog bones. I call the processor and they blame it on the rancher that he messes them up because he goes and arranges things for customer specification and that’s why they forgot the bones, but the lamb liver, she doesn’t know how that got in there. Today I have to go pick up our dog bones and return the lamb liver and hope that we got all our beef that we paid for. It does look like a lot of meat and we are looking forward to grilling up some steaks for Father’s Day. (slobber, slobber) Ironically we had chicken again last night. Lawrence is getting tired of chicken, but when you get a deal at $.40/pound, you can’t pass that up right?

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