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June 5, 2006

I was recently turned on to a game called Set. Have any of you ever played it. I like it alot. I even found I am good at it. I just ordered my own off of Ebay and got it in the mail today. Stuff arriving in mail…good.

Maddy is enrolling in a summer arts program this year. I am mailing her application today and she is very excited to see if she gets her first choice classes. This is the first year she has been old enough to participate in it, so she is ecstatic. She will also be auditioning for the annual Missoula Children’s Theater production at our community center, the first week of July. She will also be promoting to a the next stripe (purple stripe, blue belt) in tae kwon do next month. So, we will be busy, busy the next couple of weeks.

We had our end of the year BBQ this weekend for our homeschool group. We always go up to a park with a lake and this park is only available for youth organization by reservation, so we have the whole place to ourselves. The weather was lovely. It was cloudy and about 70-75, so nobody got burned or too cold. It started raining lightly as we left. The kids kayaked and canoed around the lake, did a bit of fishing and caught 120+ salamanders. This is actually the first year that our family has attened this event. In the whole four years we have been with our group, something has always come up that prevented us from going! It was such a great time that I’m sorry we missed it all these years. It is a great time for the dads to see all the kids and each other since they are usually absent from our homeschool activities due to work schedules.

This leads me to another observation. Cathy, you will probably have more insight into this than my other regulars. In our co-op, we have five families. Four out of the five families are self-employed. In our homeschool group, well over 50% of our families are self-employed as well. In your homeschool circles, do you see a larger percentage of homeschoolers also self-employed? We explain this to ourselves as many of homeschoolers we know, including ourselves, just don’t like to play by other people’s rules, whether it be a job, school, etc. I guess it is just a spirit of independence, largely.

Also, Lawrence finally got to talk about a project with another dad. He is going to build a piece for their masonry stove that heats their home. This family has been living the life that we have only dreamed. They built their own house section by section and it is completely off-grid and they have designed and built many of their own operating systems. They heat their house and their water using this masonry stove and Lawrence is going to fabricate some new and improved piping for it. They are also impressed that I used to work for Zomeworks-a legendary company in alternative energy circles.

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