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May 15, 2006

I hope all my reading mamas had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mine was nice. We had beautiful weather, though a tad on the warm side for my taste. It was in the low 80’s. My gifts were a lovely sewing box that Maddy has been planning on getting for me for a while, I finally figured out why she kept asking me when the craft store closes and if they are open every day. It has a beautiful red brocade top and really is to my taste; too bad I didn’t need a sewing box! LOL It’s the thought that counts. I keep telling her and Lawrence that they can never, ever go wrong with plants on Mother’s Day. It’s planting season and I am sure to have had plants die the year before, so it’s perfect. My other gifts were two Cure cd’s, which I already own, but Lawrence is taking them back today to exchange them. He laughingly told me how the teenage punk salesgirl at our local music store (really local, just a block from us!) thought he was so cool to come in buying Cure cd’s. When he explained the scenario that he doesn’t know which ones I have and which I don’t have, she told him that she would exchange and order whatever he needed if the ones he choose would be duplicates for me. Good thing, too.

I have been making many bags lately. When my mom was up here, she chose material for four grocery totes and one purse. I finally got them all completed on Saturday. I was delayed by a bout of stomach illness that afflicted the whole family. I couldn’t figure out what we had, but after watching a news story last night about another nursing home closed to visitors because of the norovirus, I finally hit on what we may have had. I googled it and it looked like it fit our symptoms. Isabel had it the worst. She threw up for four hours, every 5-7 minutes starting at 2:00am on Tuesday morning. She was totally wiped out for two days. That is so unlike her. She isn’t my sleeper, so if she is sleeping a lot, she is bad. Thankfully we are all better now.

I still have lots of weeding to do in my garden and the sad thing is that it is going to be too hot to do any work for today at least. They are predicting 95 today! 95 in mid-May in Oregon! That is way too hot. Upper 60’s-lower 70’s is our normal. We are going to be roasting. A woman walked by our house the other day and Lawrence asked her if she had a sunburn or was the victim of a nuclear strike. All the pasty Oregonians turn pink and red when the sun comes out in May and June!

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