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May 8, 2006

I have a plant in several locations in our yard that is pretty hard to get rid of. It is called Italian arum. Apparently it is labeled an invasive species in Oregon. We have been trying to eradicate it from our yard for the past six years and have been losing the battle. It reproduces by corms, which if you don’t know, are kind of like bulbs, but more prolific. Each season each plant produces several corms. I finally sat down to research killing it yesterday and found out that hand removal, as we have been doing, is pretty much useless because you can’t ever get all the corms, because the baby ones are small, as I well know. Using Roundup or stronger herbicides is the suggested method. I’m very disappointed with this information. I have really been resistant to using Roundup at all, but especially around my vegetable garden, where I have a fairly large cover of arum. Also, in the course of my research I found out that they are very toxic. A child eating a red berry that appears at the end of the season on mature stems could be fatal. Nice to find out after six years. So, I guess I have little choice but to use Roundup. I really abhor the though of giving any money to Monsanto Corporation.

On an unrelated note, Juliana is cranky and having stomach problems. Diarrhea. I hope she didn’t catch something at the co-op house. There were some things like this floating around last week so she probably did.

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