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May 1, 2006

I know that I’ve been MIA. My mom was here all last week and I tried not to be on the computer much except for essential stuff like bills and business matters. She left on Saturday and then we got to the business of getting back into our regular schedule. We had a nice time when she was here. We didn’t do much sight-seeing since she has been up many times and has seen a lot up here already. She, very thankfully, helped me weed my weed-infested garden. I am racing against the clock to get it into shape so I can plant things out there. I’m already running behind, so this was really appreciated. We also played some board games and visited a lot of local restaurants. I scored my highest Scrabble score ever. 351. I got three Bingos in one game! Mom’s visits really mean alot because she has never missed her annual visit even though I know it was financially tight for her to do it sometimes. Things like that just become more important when you get a little older and have a family and realize what really matters in life.

My garden is more than half-way done. It was neglected last year since Juliana was a newborn so I have two years worth of stuff to clear out. I have lots of happy seedlings growing and waiting for their turn to be planted. I’m growing my own loofah sponges this year.

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