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April 5, 2006

There have been a few exciting things going on here. First, I think that I have had a candida overgrowth in my system, so I have been off sugar and yeast containing products for six whole days now. It has been really hard to cut all sugar out. I had terrible cravings the first three days, but they have pretty much subsided. I only have four more days to go before I can slowly start adding things back into my diet.

We also just ordered our first side of beef (is that the correct term for half a beef? Cathy??). It is organic, grass-fed beef and we are excited about it. It won’t be ready until June, but we will have plenty of steaks for summer BBQs now.

The most exciting thing though, is that Lawrence quit his regular job due to growth in his side business and he is completely self-employed now. It is a bit scary, but things are busy right now, so it’s looking pretty good. He is prepared to go back to a regular job should thing slow down. He has a family to support after all! But this is something that he has been wanting for so many years, that we are really happy with it. Keep us in your prayers, please, that the business will continue to grow and sustain us.

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