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March 10, 2006

Yay! It snowed earlier and is supposed to snow again later tonight. Of course, it won’t stick long, but it is here for awhile. What a freak thing to have snow in March up here.

I just cleaned my dining room chandelier. We haven’t cleaned it since we put it up about five or six years ago. It was a pain to take all the crystals off and vacuum the brass and polish the bulbs, but my does it sparkle and gleam now. No more spooky Adams family chandelier.

I got in touch with an old friend from middle school yesterday. When I was going through photos looking for an suitably embarrassing one of Laura to post for her birthday, I came across photos of my best friend from middle school and started wondering about her. Then I looked her up on Classmates and got in touch with her. Strangely we have some similarities in our life, she has three children and is a doula, whereas I have three children and have aspirations to maybe be a doula one day. It is between a doula, direct entry midwife or naturopath. Unfortunately for me, naturopaths are highly regulated in Oregon and you have to have a pre-med bachelor’s degree and then four more years of schooling from an accredited naturopath school. I feel strongly called to serve in the alternative health field in some capacity though. It will be years before I realize this calling since raising the girls (and any unlikely future children we may have) is our first priority. Well that was a tangent if I ever read one!

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