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February 15, 2006

This year I have been making an attempt to make our diets healthier. We already eat reasonably well, but I knew there was room for improvement. The freezer cooking has helped. Next week will be my second cooking adventure.

Another way that I will improve is ordering from a co-op (Azure Standard), there is a already a buying group in our town and I can purchase many organic products for the same price or less than what I pay now. I will also spend less time at the grocery store. I’m also going to try to start home delivery for our favorite milk. I just need another family to go in with us to get the minimum order amount.

Something I have already implemented is eating whole grain cereal a few times per week. I was inspired by an article I read in Mother Earth News. The obstacle to doing this was the time necessary to cook whole grains, so I decided to try something that I had heard of before. The night before we plan to eat whole grain cereal, I put it in our small crockpot with some water, brown sugar and cinnamon and turn it on low and when we wake up we have a nice, healthy breakfast all ready. The added bonus is that it is super cheap.

These are not resolutions. I hate resolutions because to me they are idealistic things that people spout out and don’t have the stick-to-it to maintain. About 9 years ago, we decided to eat healthier and we did. At that time we ate out more than 50% of the time and ate a lot of other conveniences. At the first part of the year nine years ago, we decided that we needed to make a change for our health and our finances. That was when I really learned to cook. I figured we can go to the next level now.

I also have started excercising regularly and I feel great. We put an elliptical machine in the living room so that I will be reminded of it often. Having a treadmill in the basement wasn’t nearly so effective.

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