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January 22, 2006

It has been so busy around here! I feel like a chicken running around without her head sometimes. Family responsibilities along with a renewed vision for the welding business have really been stretching me thin. We have purchased a newer truck for the business, had a new logo designed and are preparing to have a booth at a trade show next month. All these preparations are time and energy consuming.

Partly because of this I have tried the Once A Month Cooking method. I will update on how it works out for us. I did all my grocery shopping on Monday as usual, then started a few preparations that night. Theoretically, one is supposed to be able to complete all the cooking in one very long day of work, however, I found that with the interruptions of a baby and toddler it took me two days and I didn’t finish one meal, but made it yesterday for dinner. I made a total of 14 dishes and most of those will serve two meals. So, I have dinners ready for the next month or so. It is supposed to save money as well as time. I did find that it looks like I will be saving money, but I do still need to buy milk (oh! I will tell you about our milk situation further down, Cathy) and fruits and veggies, etc. on a weekly basis, so I will have to hold out and see if it is a money-saver. I had an enormous feeling of accomplishment on Wednesday night though. The one other reason that I decided to do this is because with Lawrence working swing, it is really hard to have a meal together. We don’t do a large breakfast on weekdays, we kind of snack for breakfast because we are late risers and then need to eat lunch around 12:30 for him to leave on time. In order to have a cooked lunch, I have to start cooking in the late morning, which still feels so strange to do. So, I figure this will help with our ability to have a real, warm, healthy lunch together. Missing dinners together is one of the major negatives of swing.

Back to the milk…while I haven’t been successful in finding a local raw milk farmer, I have found an organic, non-homogenized dairy that retails in two local stores. I figure that it is the closest I will probably get to raw milk. The downside is that it runs $3.19-3.49/half gallon. Probably a little more than I would be paying for raw. Except that I don’t have to drive out of town to get it.

Friday we visited the Evergreen Aviation Museum, home of the Spruce Goose, with our homeschool group. The last time that we went was in June of 2002 when I was seven months pregnant with Isabel and Aunt Kathy and Uncle Len were up visiting. Since we were there that time, they have opened up the Spruce Goose so you can actually go into the cargo deck level of it. It really is amazing and I have new-found appreciation for it after seeing The Aviator. We had a fantastic tour guide (he took quite a liking to Isabel) who kept all the kids very interested in the tour and you could tell that he really loves his job. He is also a homeschool dad and was really excited to have us there. If any of you should mosey up this way, I recommend checking it out.

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