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December 27, 2005

I hope that all of you had a very merry Christmas. We had a lovely day. The girls melted down toward the end of the day due to waking up so early, but it was still a low-key, good day. We had monkey bread for breakfast and I made a beautiful roast leg of lamb and a scrumptious Greek potato dish that is so, so good. A cherry almond pound cake finished off the meal.

The girls loved their quilts and all their other gifts. Isabel received a fire truck. I don’t know why she has wanted a fire truck. She said that she wanted one that had a button that you could push and it would shoot out fire. I guess that we have a future pyro on our hands. Hers doesn’t shoot out fire, but it does have blinking lights and noises. It has the usual siren noises and truck noises and even firemen talking, but then it has a more unusual noise and that is the theme song from Iron Chef. When she pushed the button and the music came on I thought is sounded oddly familiar, then I had her push it again and, yep, it *was* the Iron Chef song.

I also got a very nice gift and that is something I have been yearning for. I have wanted it for quite a long time now. It is a professional quality chef’s knife from Global. I was ecstatic. I can chop, dice and slice like a pro now.

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