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November 30, 2005

Sorry about neglecting my blog. I have been terribly busy.

We did a massive amount of work around the house over Thanksgiving weekend and even managed to squeeze Thanksgiving dinner in. We have freshly painted and organized rooms and a clean house. Except for the kitchen and living rooms which seem to exist in their own vortex that mysteriously messes them up again immediately after any type of cleaning.

Also, Cathy, I have sucumbed to the quilting bug. I am going to attempt very simple quilts for the girls for Christmas. I will keep you apprised of my accomplishments (or failures).

Laura, I haven’t forgotten about your carrier. You are on my list. Also on my list is putting pictures of yours and Mom’s bags on my custom page on my website. I’m very happy that you both like them and are using them.

Now I need to nurse a cranky baby and then prepare for my co-op workshop tomorrow which will be all about making Christmas decorations-snowflakes, cranberry and popcorn garlands, pomanders, lots of fun stuff!

Oh, also Juliana is a real moving girl now. She is cruising around the furniture and crawling up the stairs. I can see that she will be an early walker. Quite a change from our little Isabel who didn’t crawl til after nine months and walk til after 13!

And finally, we almost had a house fire yesterday, so I want to remind everyone to watch their candles and really, it’s not paranoia, don’t let them burn unattended.

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