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October 29, 2005

I’ve heard it said on the attached parenting lists I am on that once you start using baby carriers (real ones, not the uncomfortable Baby Bjorn or Snugli ones) that you develop an addiction to them and buy many or make many. I have experienced this phenomenon with cloth diapers so I was not terribly skeptical about the carrier addiction. As you may guess, I now have a carrier addiction.

It started with the two ring slings that I made before Juliana was born, then I made a wrap, which is essentially a four to five yard long piece of thin fabric. These served their purposes, but now Juliana is getting heavier and carrying a baby on your front is problematic, it is unwieldy as they get larger and harder to do things while carrying. The ring sling can be used for back carrying, but I feel less comfortable using it this way. The wrap is excellent for back carrying, but it takes a very long time to get it tied and placed correctly. So, I had to make another one. I just had to. I made a mei tai this time. It is for back carrying and front carrying, but I can tie it for a back carry by myself and quickly. It is in a fun fabric and oh so comfy.

If I make any more of them I fear Lawrence will stage an intervention.

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