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October 19, 2005

Maddy will turn nine on Thursday. I can hardly believe it. She is halfway to adulthood.

This past week has been a week of large progressions for Juliana. She is getting so close to crawling. She is cruising around using her toes to guide and her arms to pull her across the floor. She has been doing push ups for the past month and she has developed these buff little arms and back muscles. You can actually see her back muscles ripple when she pushes herself up and she is not wearing a shirt. She pushes up on her hands and then on her feet and puts her butt in the air. She looks like she is doing Downward Facing Dog.

She has also been more consistently peeing in her potty. She wakes up nearly every morning now and pees immediately into her potty. This morning was also the very first time that she attempted to sign “potty” when she was sitting on it. I am elated, because I have been signing to her everytime I say the word potty. In the mornings I have about a 70-75% catch rate, then it seems in the afternoon that I get more and more out of sync with her.

She also tried her first food last Tuesday. She has had avocado, banana, carrot and a small amount of wheat toast in the past week. It is such a different experience from what happened with the other two girls. We started Maddy on solids at about four months and Isabel around four and a half or five. Waiting until six months was markedly different. She has lost her tongue thrust and doesn’t spit everything back out and she seems more genuinely interested in eating and food than either of the other girls did.

These milestones have made me wistful that she is growing up so fast. She will likely be our last child and I wanted to savor her babyness for a long time but ironically she is doing things earlier than either of her sisters (except eating solids).

It has also lead me to ponder the evolution of our parenting and made me grateful for all the resources I have found and the support I have and also the things I have learned in the past nine years. We did things so conventionally with Maddy and I would love to go back and change so many things that we did. Now, I feel that we have changed so dramatically that we are in a whole parenting subculture. I kind of feels comfortable to me to be here. Maybe this is my grown-up way to thumb my nose at the establishment in a way that is more subtle and appropriate than continuing my goth phase from a decade ago. I don’t feel like a typical suburban mom and never wanted to be that way, so it is rather heartening that I can still shock people. So, instead of wearing my Doc Martens and belly button ring with my jet black hair, I will proudly wear my sling or wrap and trail my exceedingly healthy children with me when they “should” be in school and bundle the ones in bed with us that need it and savor my individuality and fortitude to go against the flow for my prinicples even if it still raises some eyebrows.

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