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October 9, 2005

Art Harvest Tour was wonderful. We ended up going both yesterday and today. We will probably go again next weekend. It is so wonderful to remind oneself how much talent and creativity is out there that doesn’t get much recognition. The artists were really excited to see kids out and engage them. Some of the artists had materials out that the kids could experiment with. Today the girls got to experiment with painting on silk and paper collage. We saw watercolors, pastels, wood working, stone sculpture, mosaic and tile art, quilting, paper carving and book art yesterday. Today we saw silk painting, pen and ink drawings, watercolors, and paper collage. Last night when we finally got home, it was very late. Isabel got down her watercolors, went in and filled up her bowl of water and put her paper on the floor. I told her she could have dessert or do some painting, she didn’t have time for both before bed. She said she have dessert tomorrow and proceeded to paint. I was quite impressed. She must have been really inspired after seeing all that art.

Monday we are going to the Portland Classical Chinese Gardens. I don’t know what we were thinking trying to jam so many activities into a small time period. I guess we shouldn’t do our planning meetings at a coffee house.

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