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October 7, 2005

Whew. Our first week at the co-op house is over. I must say it was exhausting. Not quite as exhausting as renovating the house, but close. Good thing I don’t have to be there every day! It was really hard in some regards. We homeschool. We are not accustomed to having to be somewhere on a near daily basis at a specific time. It was very strange and somewhat stressful. I hope we can get used to it. We are also ironing out wrinkles in the day-to-day operations.

Tomorrow we are doing the Art Harvest Tour with our homeschool group (not the co-op). I have been wanting to go for several years but have never made it. It is an annual two weekend event in October where local artists open their studios up for the public to tour and make themselves available to talk to the public. I have heard that they *love* to see kids there and make a special effort to really respond to children because of the opportunity to allow kids to see art in person rather than an abstract concept of art or something in a book or museum. I’m excited. It’s also really a good deal. It is $5 per button for adults (kids are free) and the buttons are good for both weekends, a total of four days! I love it when cultural events are really accessible to the average person.

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