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September 30, 2005

This week has been crazy. We are finalizing work at the co-op house since Monday, actually Tuesday will be our first day officially occupying the house. Mondays are open days, but we only have workshops scheduled Tuesdays-Thursdays. Not only have we been tying up all the physical loose ends, but we have been hashing out some serious differences in feelings/opinions. Let me tell you, trying to get a joint venture between six families off the ground has been incredibly difficult at times. I’m glad that I like most of these people so much and the concept so much, because there were times I almost bailed, even recently. All the kids are super excited about doing something out there besides painting and cleaning, so almost every child signed up for almost every workshop. Here is the first week’s schedule:

Tues AM-Make medicine bags and learn their history/PM-Edible and medicinal plant walk
Wed AM-Origami/PM-Walk the boundary of the property and establish zones, then create a map of the zones
Thur AM-Archery/PM-Exploring Maps

The following week looks like this:

Tues AM-Make a walking stick/PM-Mask making/Evening-Spanish
Wed AM-Beginning crochet/PM-Orienteering
Thurs AM-Monthly newsletter/PM-Sewing curtains for the house

The monthly fees for the co-op are $45/first child $25/additional child $5/children under 5. An amazing price for up to seven workshops per week, a private school would be astronomically higher as would trying to do individual classes all over the place.

Also, lest you think I have quit, I am still doing infant potty training (aka elimination communication) with Juliana. She was going through was is called a potty pause for a while, due to teething, but she has been much more cooperative lately. We are no where near where I would like to be, but she is learning the cue sound I make for her to pee and I do usually get her to pee or poop in the toilet a few times each day. I need to get better about taking her to the potty before she goes, since she is not making any visible signals that I can tell yet. I am amazed how smart she (and all babies) are. You just have to pay attention, because their intelligence is very subtle sometimes. An interesting development is that since I have started EC and been keeping her as dry as possible, her skin has become used to being dry and if she now stays in a soiled diaper for any length of time, she develops a rash. I am going to sew some fleece pants for her very soon because almost all the baby clothes we have for her are one piece outfits with snaps up the crotch and are not compatible for quickly removing lower clothing to give a potty opportunity.

On the subject of sewing, I have almost completed matching nightgowns for the big girls. Why matching, because I could use my coupon at the fabric store for one cut of fabric and they both liked the pattern. It is a fairy pattern on flannel. I will post a picture as soon as I get Isabel’s done. Maddy’s has been done for awhile and she has slept in them several times and informs me that it is like sleeping in what you would imagine a cloud feels like. Wow. That is a comfy nightgown!

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