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August 26, 2005

I have been trying to get on here for about a week now and let you all know some random occurrences in my life, but somehow my time has been sucked into a black hole. It is really pathetic really how my time vaporizes with nothing to show for where it has gone.

When I first attempted to blog last week, it was to say that for some reason I have been powerfully driven to remove as many chemicals from my life as possible. The most recent move towards that is to replace all my conventional cleaners with natural, homeade concoctions.

However, since that innocuous intended post other shocking and disturbing things have happened.

The first disturbing thing is that I found out in the couple days (over the weekend) that I was composing my written statement to accompany my plea for my traffic accident that in our city, according to two different people who were told by a total of three city police officers, citations are not issued in accidents unless there is more than $1500 in damage, at least one car has to be towed, at least one person sustains injuries more serious than bruising, or there was a driving impairment. None of which was the case in my accident, so how the heck did I end up with a citation? A friend’s daughter was rammed by a guy running a stop sign and he wasn’t cited because the officer listed the above criteria.

The second event is rather shocking. I wasn’t going to share with you due to embarrassment, but because I am still suffering from it, I will relate the incident. Monday night I was , shall we say, having some quiet time in the bathroom and reading the newspaper when I felt a sudden pain in my right big toe. I looked down to see a bee stinging me! I started stomping and yelling to get the bee off. I pulled the stinger out and put some lavender oil on it to disinfect and help with the pain. A few minutes after, Maddy commented that she had just thought I was constipated. She also hoped it wasn’t a killer bee. Thanks Maddy for bringing up something that hadn’t even occurred to me. Later that evening I started to think that I was probably lucky that I didn’t get stung in more sensitive places. I am still having discomfort with it though. It is incredibly itchy at times and I can feel a mild irritation extending down a few inches on the side and bottom of my foot. That must have been some venom that bee had. Maybe it was a killer bee.

Wait, that isn’t the last thing. I just remembered that a couple of weeks ago, we redesigned business cards for the welding business and it took us many days to do it, because we only have short patches of uninterrupted time together. I went to open up the file today to print more, only to find that somehow the file got closed without being saved.

Let’s hope next week is better.

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