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August 11, 2005

Look! Here is the reason many women lose hair postpartum. I came across this by accident. I have come to accept my Grandpa Munster peak as a temporary nuisance that I must live with and was not searching for information about it. It just appeared.

I always find it so weird when I am researching something or mulling something new over and I repeatedly find articles or conversations about it seemingly coincidentally.

For instance, I am trying to find a local supplier for raw cow’s milk because of all the health benefits. I have done alot of research on it and looked extensively for local farmers because Oregon law is such that you can only buy raw milk off the producing farm. I am trying to decide if the benefits are worth the $6/gallon cost (or $8/gallon for goat’s milk). On a homeschool list that I am on a woman had a link to her blog in her signature line. I think this woman is very witty and I have perused her blog in the past. Yesterday when I read her blog, the second entry was about raw goat’s milk. It always makes me wonder if it truly is coincidental or if it is an affirmation that I am heading in the right direction when I have chance encounters like that.

Yesterday a woman from our homeschool group brought me some fresh goat’s milk so that we could try it before purchasing it in case we didn’t like it. When Isabel was going through her constipation problems, we bought pasturized goat’s milk from the store, but it tasted so strong and goaty that I have been really hesitant about raw goat’s milk. The milk that Lisa (the lady from our group) brought is alfalfa fed only. The milk was not goaty at all, but I think that it will take some getting used to because the flavor is so whole. We usually drink 2% milk and this has a much different taste, almost like a little butter mixed into milk.

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