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August 7, 2005

I had my very first car accident this afternoon. I was pulling Lawrence’s truck out of the driveway so that we could pull the van out and take the girls to see March of the Penguins. We live on a fairly busy street, so it is not always easy to back out. I let several cars pass and then looked both ways again and saw that it was clear and backed out. I backed right into a Mini Cooper. I completely didn’t see it. Those things are so tiny. When I heard the honk then felt the crunch and stopped, I could only see a sliver of the top of the Mini in the rearview mirror peeking over the tailgate. That’s how tiny those things are. A Nissan Frontier is not a big vehicle, but I couldn’t see it. The truck wasn’t damaged really, just dented the tailgate and it smooshed her hood in a bit. I gave her all of my information and let her know that it was my house, so she would feel okay about it. She insisted on calling the police though, so in addition to having my insurance rates increased (most likely), I got a citation with a base fine of $105. Neither of us was hurt, but I was cited for unsafe backing up. By the time the police woman arrived I was crying because I was contemplating a fine and increased insurance and a blemised driving record and missing the movie. It was not a good start to our outing. So, needless to say we missed the showing we were aiming for, we did go to a later one though and the 20 minutes of the movie that I saw were very good. Then Juliana got too fussy and I waited in the lobby. Then Isabel got too bored so she joined us and we walked around downtown until the movie was over.

I used to love Mini Coopers. I wanted one for myself. Not anymore; they are too tiny, they shouldn’t even be street legal. Now I hate them.

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