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July 26, 2005

So here are a couple photos of the co-op house:

This is the guard duck.

The house doesn’t look very big from the outside, but it is quite roomy. It has a full daylight basement and a large long room upstairs. We have started clearing brush and doing some work, so I will post progress pictures in the future.

My 10th high school reunion is this weekend. I’m obviously not going, but its approach makes me a bit nostalgic. I wouldn’t repeat my high school years for anything, but I do wonder where my friends and acquaintances are now. I know what some of them are doing, but not others. It also makes you wonder who remembers you and who doesn’t. I know that I look at my class list on Classmates and have no recollection of many people. Am I in that same category for most everyone else? Makes one wonder how others remember those four years of their life.

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