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July 1, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!

We have a lovely friend who surprised us this morning by bringing me a birthday cake and a carton of ice cream and a pot of flowers. This is after finding out yesterday that we normally pick up a cake from the grocery store after my birthday dinner, or as last year, I make my own. This is especially a treat because I was going to make a cake last night, but we were out so late and then the girls were cranky when we got home and it was after 11:00 before I got everyone settled down. So, I was going to make one this morning, but she called about 15 minutes after we woke up and said she was coming over. It was really yummy, too. We had some before Lawrence left for work. It was chocolate with some kind of filling marbled throughout and nuts on the bottom.

In addition, I got some foxgloves from Lawrence to replace my foxgloves that he trampled in his haste to clear out all the weeds from our backyard a couple of months ago. Also a bleeding heart to go with the foxgloves as the nursery people told him they are complementary plants. I also got a bracelet and earrings, handmade by the girls and a myriad of drawings.

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