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April 29, 2005

My old middle school is making headlines. Figures that something so bizarrely dumb would happen in Clovis, NM.

We went to Juliana’s 2 week visit with her pediatrician on Monday. He was concerned because she weighed in at only 8lb 2oz. Her birth weight was 8lb 9oz and he says that he generally likes to see babies back up to their birth weight or heavier by 2 weeks. So, he scheduled us for a weigh in today to make sure she wasn’t losing weight. He wasn’t too concerned since I have breastfed babies before. Meanwhile, I started examining our nursing patterns. She is a sleepier baby than either Maddy or Isabel were, so that was one of the glitches. I found a wonderful breastfeeding site and started using a few of the techniques. Since I didn’t have any problems with the other two nursing or gaining weight, this was new ground for us. So at today’s weigh in she weighed 8lb 10oz. She gained 8 oz in four days. Her pediatrician was very happy and we are very happy that the changes have obviously helped with her consumption and gain.

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