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March 21, 2005

First, let me get the necessary political stuff out of the way. A very disturbing article for us bloggers. Then, another article (longish) about a Senator who has the balls to say something that is very anti-Republican.

Now, onto our current projects. We decided to start tiling our shower this weekend. We have been mulling the idea over for a while now and decided that now is the time to do it, because it desperately needed to be done due to water seeping in around the caulking and it wouldn’t get any easier to do with a baby around! So, we bought all the stuff on Saturday and started yesterday and ended up with a little more demolition and repair than we had anticipated due to more water damage than we had thought we would have, but it will be so much better when we finish!

Then, I sewed my very first diaper yesterday. I have always used flat cloth diapers, because fitted diapers, the kind that looks like a cloth version of disposables, are kind of pricey $4+ per diaper. Then I found some pretty easy instructions online and gave it a shot. Turned out pretty darn good, so we bought pretty material yesterday for a few more for Isabel and a lot more for Juliana. I will post pictures for all those interested people when I finish a few more.

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