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February 22, 2005

We had glorious weather for President’s Day weekend. Sunny, warm for February in Oregon. So, we spent a lot of time outside playing and an extended amount of time in the emergency room on Sunday afternoon. The girls were riding bikes in the tennis courts across the street from us with Lawrence. They weren’t wearing helmets because it was an impromptu ride and they weren’t on the street. Then the steering device that Lawrence was using to steer Isabel’s bike without bending over broke. A crash ensued. Isabel fell on her left side. I was sitting on the porch crocheting a blanket I started last July and heard her screaming, so I dropped what I was doing and ran across the street. Lawrence was holding her and told me that she had a little cut on her side. So, I went to retrieve the bike and help Maddy across the street while he took Isabel inside. When I can inside, I was expecting a cut on the side of her torso. Not a cut on her noggin that had swelled up about 3/4″ and was bleeding profusely! Scared the heck out of me. Maddy is pretty cautious, so we have never had any injuries with her. There was so much blood and it was at her hairline that we couldn’t see much except the enormous swelling. So, I decided that we needed to take her to the ER. At the ER, they triaged her and then we waited for 3 hours for them to pull the hair off her wound, clean it with cold water and tell us to put Neosporin on it twice per day for a week. We were very relieved that she didn’t need stitches or have a concussion.

The bright side to this story is that while Lawrence was waiting for the two of us to come out he started talking with one of our county commissioners whose husband is also the state senator for our district. We got to chat with Senator George about homeschooling while he was waiting for his turn in the ER. This is important right now, because we are trying to get a pro-homeschooling bill passed during this legislative session. Luckily, as I already knew, he is very pro-homeschooling, but it was very nice to talk to him face to face. He even invited Maddy to make an appointment with him to sit on the Senate floor. This privilege is usually reserved for 12 year old or older, but he typically lets homeschoolers sit with him at younger ages.

After our ordeal, at 8:00 pm when we finally left the hospital, everyone was hungry. Our HMO hospital is 1/2 an hour from home, so despite my pleas, we went into a restaurant with Lawrence and Isabel wearing blood stained shirts. That was interesting. Luckily it was near closing so it was almost deserted.

Isabel is in fine spirits. She started acting normally during our long wait in the waiting room and only screamed when we took her back into the ER and then when they pulled the hair off the cut. I am so relieved that we made it past our first real injury with no serious damage. Here is a picture from yesterday morning.

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