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February 14, 2005

A homeschool mom friend of mine recently started a thing in our homeschool group. See, she has a way younger sister who almost died of Toxic Shock Syndrome last summer. Since then, she has been a pretty vocal opponent of tampons. She came across this site, which promotes TSS awareness and menstrual alternatives.

So, the upshot is that she got a few of us moms psyched out about getting a sewing evening together to make our own reusable pads. I have been considering using these for some time now, but haven’t been motivated to make my own and buying can get pricey. Many of us have already used cloth diapers on our babies and that move made us start to wonder why we would use reusable cloth products on our children but not on ourselves. Do we not also deserve not to have all the dioxins that are used to bleach hygiene products near our most delicate parts? Should we not also do our part to reduce unnecessary waste into our landfills and sewers? Another great part is that we can choose our own fabrics for our pads which means that we no longer have to treat our cycle as a monthly medical problem with stark white products or cliche pink products. We can choose flowers, hearts, robots, animals or anything else that makes us feel good! We should feel good about our fertility. It is a gift that allows us to create life and sustain it from our own bodies. Isn’t that something miraculous? We should celebrate every month!

Here are some fine retailers of reusable products if you are so inclined: Glad Rags (in good ole Portland, OR) and Luna Pads (they even carry leopard prints!). There are also many patterns available if you sew.

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