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More pregnancy woes

January 28, 2005

Yesterday I was rubbing my tummy and starting feeling very wide, not the regular wide feeling of pregnancy. So, I started trying to feel all the baby bumps and these baby bumps combined with the feeling of my right rib cage being pushed up when I am sitting (not a feeling I have experienced before) has led me to believe that Juliana is either transverse (sideways) or in a diagonal position, halfway between breech and transverse. I will have to verify with my midwife next week. She was transverse in her first two ultrasounds, but I thought that she would be switching to head down by now. Most babies switch down by 36 weeks, so I still have plenty of time, since I am only at 29 1/2, but it is still worrisome as it is yet another worry with this pregnancy that I haven’t had with the other two. I am going to start doing exercises that encourage breeches and transverses to turn, so please be praying that she will. If she doesn’t then I will be looking at a manual manipulation to turn her after 36 weeks (which has a very high success rate) and if that fails, then a scheduled C-section. I don’t want one. I have had the other two vaginally and naturally and would so love to go that way again.

Aargh! I guess I am getting payback for having such easy pregnancies up to this point. At least I didn’t have much morning sickness with her.

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