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December 18, 2004

I forgot to tell you that last Thursday Isabel got her first real haircut. She has had trims before, but this was about 5 or 6 inches coming off. She has always been wonderful about sitting still and choosing whether she wanted braids or ponytails, then choosing the barrettes. However, in the weeks before her cut, after wearing them for a few hours, she would pull them out when I wasn’t looking. With the long hair, it was too tempting for her to run her hand through her hair while eating. So…haircut it was. It is chin-length now and also very cute.

Last night was our regularly scheduled date night. Since Lawrence is gone, I went out by myself, because it was my only opportunity to do any shopping on my own. I finished with nearly everything. So, I am spared from venturing out on Christmas Eve!

Also, I am making topsy-turvy dolls for the girls. It has turned into a bigger project than I anticipated. Hopefully I will be able to finish those. Topsy-turvy dolls are dolls that have two sides and no legs. They are connected in the middle and when you turn one over, the dress covers the other dolls head and body. On the ones I am making, one end is a girl doll and the other end is a cat doll.

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