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October 28, 2004

Yesterday I kept trying to remind myself not to forget to watch the lunar eclipse. Well, I did remember, but I remembered too late to see it turning from yellow to orange to red. We did catch the tail end when it was orange. It was gorgeous, but we were disappointed at our bad timing. Especially because we had the perfect opportunity with a clear sky. Not all that common in October!

We have a jam-packed weekend coming up. I need to finish the girls’ costumes. They will be autumn fairies. They will be matching, because it saves money on purchasing supplies that way, and because they both were happy with the idea. Isabel wanted to be a princess and this is pretty darn close! They will have a crown, wand, dress and wings. What girl could ask for more? We will probably be attending Saturday festivities in our quaint downtown area.

Sunday, while being Halloween, is also Lawrence’s birthday, so we will be extra busy. We will have pumpkins (from my garden) to carve, and a birthday dinner to make. Cioppino, crusty bread, and salad. Lawrence said he didn’t want a birthday cake this year, because he is getting too fat, so I will make a pear galette instead. Then, of course, trick or treating!

Hopefully he won’t get sent out of town for work. That will put a damper on things.

Also, I have my ultrasound scheduled for November 19. We didn’t find out the sex of either of the girls, so this will be a new experience for us. I chose to do it this time, because it will probably be our last child and also, because a boy will be a significantly larger investment, as we have no boy things. Lawrence is doing it to go along with me, I think. He doesn’t care if we find out, he would be just as happy being surprised. Although, he would prefer a girl, too, because he heard a quote (old wives’ saying?) that all great men have three daughters. So, this may be his only chance at greatness!!

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