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September 16, 2004

Yay, Hurricane Ivan missed the eastern side of Florida by a long shot. Too bad for Alabama and Mississippi and the panhandle of Florida. They are getting hit very hard. More bad news is that Hurricane Jeanne may be headed for the east coast of Florida in a few days.

On a related note my mom and Mike and Laura and Pat have accelerated their plans for moving up here. They will be moving by next summer instead of in five years. They don’t want to go through another hurricane season. Do you blame them?

We are all recovering from nasty headcolds.

Also, I was window shopping for baby items. I know. It is early, but if you start planning early, you usually are better prepared, find better stuff and get better deals. We have basically everything we need for this one, unless it happens to be a boy, then we will have to buy all boy clothes. So, for the few things that are wearing out or I just don’t like, we will be buying replacements. I thought I would post some wants here because, of course, as the time starts drawing nearer, people start asking me what we need for the baby and I am usually at a loss. I love the magenta etoile diaper bag, either tote or backpack would be lovely. I also need Chinese diaper prefolds in the regular size, same site. We will be replacing our car seat with a neutral colored one, as the pastels that were so popular in the 90’s are not our thing, they weren’t then either, but you couldn’t find any other color schemes when Maddy was born.

Lawrence is avoiding the issue of names, because, for some reason, he loves to procrastinate on choosing ones.

I don’t want to turn this blog into a pregnancy diary, because that can get so dull for everyone else, however, when you have another entity inhabiting your body, you do spend quite a lot of time thinking about it. Especially if it makes you very uncomfortable, which so far it has not.

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