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I’m back

July 31, 2004

Sorry I have been neglecting you all.

First, I got busy with some home repairs. I like to do it while Lawrence is gone, because he doesn’t have nearly as much confidence as I do in my handy skills (not completely unfounded on his part, I admit). So, I decided to repaint my kitchen cabinets. Now, when we first moved into our house five years ago, I painted our icky dark quasi-wood cabinets what I thought would be a calming blue. Well, I didn’t sand them or primer them and the paint started peeling and scratching off right away and the blue ended up being more annoying than calming. Anticipating sanding and priming, we put the project off until last weekend, when I decided that I couldn’t live with the blue any longer. So, I began on what would be a three day project. I painted my cabinets a lovely white that matches the trim work in my kitchen. I love it so much more than the blue.

Next, Lawrence’s job was looking like it was going to extend longer than the seven days it was estimated to be, so he asked us to come down and visit him. Since the company was paying for his room and everything and we did miss him lots, we decided to head down to Roseburg, Oregon and visit. We left on Tuesday afternoon and just got back today. It was a pretty good trip. He is working 12 hour days, so it was mostly just the girls and myself, but we did get to spend the evenings with him and the hotel had air conditioning, which our house does not. The girls and I did some exploring and visited most of the local parks, hiked up to a waterfall and visited a museum.

So, now we are back home and are trying to resuscitate our plants.

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