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On temporary single motherhood

July 23, 2004

Lawrence just got called out of town for an emergency repair job.  He will be gone for at least a week.  He doesn’t have to travel very often, but it sure sucks when he is gone.

The days aren’t so bad, because he is usually gone during the day.  Everything seems pretty normal.  But the evenings when I am making dinner, and then later after the girls go to bed and Lawrence should be here to chat with me and snuggle with in bed–those are the really hard parts.  I am don’t want to sound sappy, but he is my best friend and I miss sharing the banalities of my day with him, it just isn’t the same on the phone.

Also, I get a taste of what single motherhood would be like.  It is a bitter taste.  I am so glad that I have him to gird me in this incredibly exhausting and ultimately rewarding job called parenthood.

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