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An impromptu camping trip

July 12, 2004

Mid-week last week, we decided to go to a craft fair/festival on the eastern side of the Portland metro area. One of Lawrence’s friends had a friend who was exhibiting woodwork (beautiful craftsmanship I might add!) and we decided to make it an overnight outing. We packed lightly since we didn’t know if we would actually be able to find a camping spot or if we would be parking somewhere and sleeping in the van. This was rather momentous for us, because we haven’t done anything with such little planning probably since before Maddy was born.

It turns out that there are many, many campgrounds in the Mt. Hood National Forest and after driving through a handful, we finally found the perfect spot. It had enough room to park two vehicles (ours and our friends’), it was not terribly close to the other spaces and we were right at the bend of a stream. The water was shallow at the bank, with logs barring the way into the slightly deeper (1-3′) water, so there was not really any worry with Isabel playing near the water. The previous occupants even left some fine firewood. On Sunday, we spotted the ex-governor camping a few spaces down and walking in front of our space. This is about as close to fame as I have ever gotten (sad, I know).

With plenty of coffee with Mudslide liqueur and cognac and Crown Royal, the tongues were plenty lubricated for philosophical conversation around the fire. A minor meteor shower even rounded out the night! The only creepy part was the bats flying over our head after dark and the rude camphost trying to make us pay for another night 15 minutes after checkout time.

Pictures will be posted in just a little bit in the photo gallery.

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