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July 7, 2004

The Italian Chocolate Cream Cake was divine.

My birthday was nice. A bit dull, but that’s how things sometimes get when your life revolves around your kids. Also, got an ABBA CD from hubby. I don’t know what he was thinking. Maddy warned him when they were shopping that I wouldn’t like it, however, he insisted he knew I would. Guess who was right.

Five days with Lawrence was grand. He hasn’t had that much time off for awhile. We mostly did work around the house, but we usually enjoy that. It’s just about our only investment!

Thumb is sore. I smashed it in a rat trap yesterday. Glad it isn’t broken. We are having a rat not-quite-infestation around my compost pile and needing to set traps. I have seen mouse traps, but never rat traps (man are they huge!). So, while I was playing with the mechanics of it, I accidentally forgot to remove my thumb and got it snapped. Good thing it got it right at the joint, if it had been at the tip, I am sure it would have broken it. Oops…Clumsy me. Lawrence thought I was kidding when he heard it from the other room, because he thought surely I wouldn’t be silly enough to stick my digits where they would get trapped. But I guess once again, he really didn’t know me!

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