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This takes the cake

June 30, 2004

One of the downsides of being married to a man who grew up in an area where holidays are not so commercialized and special occasions not over-celebrated is that I get the short end of the celebration stick. Lawrence generally makes a really good effort to be more Americanized in this respect, but sometimes he routinely drops the ball. One of these instances is birthday cake. Now, I am a cake girl myself, so the absence of a birthday cake really puts a damper on the birthday spirit. So this year rather than waiting until after we go to dinner and then asking where my cake is, then driving to a grocery store and waiting in the car while Lawrence and Maddy choose the perfect cake, I am taking the cake by the frosting and making my own.

So tomorrow I will make us a lovely breakfast of french toast with fresh berry compote and sage sausage and eggs. Then I will begin to bake my Chocolate Italian Cream Cake. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

On the upside, Lawrence is taking two days off, partly to spend my birthday with me, partly to get a five day weekend.

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