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Our first date…in 7 months

May 27, 2004

Lawrence and I went out on our first date since my Mom came to visit us in October. I know, it sounds pathetic, but when you have a clingy baby/toddler it makes it very difficult to leave your kids with a babysitter. However, Isabel finally reached the point where she could let go of us for a few hours. No tears, not even one! Of course, I think it helped that we didn’t leave her with a regular baby-sitter. We trade babysitting with a family that we homeschool co-op with, so Isabel sees the mom and daughter at least weekly, usually more frequently.

For our date, we just went to a local coffee shop with the intention of getting in a game of chess (yes, we are nerds) but we didn’t bring our own set and somebody snagged the house set before we got to it. Now, you might think it odd that we would do that on a date, but you would be wrong. We met over a game of chess and we used to enjoy frequent games before we had Maddy. Chess is not a game that one can enjoy with frequent interruptions, so we have not played regularly since our first year of marriage. Since we missed out on chess, we just chatted the whole time, another past-time that we are not able to pursue without interruptions!

On Tuesday, we went to the Portland Art Museum; it was wonderful. I would have enjoyed it more had Isabel not been with us, but it was still great. We got to see “Waterlilies” by Monet. Maddy (and I) were in awe of being among the art work that according to Maddy “the real life artist touched!”. There’s something to be said for being surrounded by so much genius, creativity and passion. The reason our homeschool group went at this time was because they have the Rau Collection on exhibit right now. It is a collection of (I think) a little over a hundred pieces from Monet, Renoir, Sisely, Pisarro, Corot, Courbet, El Greco, and a whole lot more, that I don’t have room to list. Fantastic. Then we had a picnic lunch across the street (a few pictures in the gallery section).

I must say, we have had a nice week so far.

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