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Camping details

May 10, 2004

We had a really great time this weekend. When we first got to our park on Saturday, we went to the Renaissance

Faire that was going on right at the park. It was pretty nice, but the best part that we saw was a troupe from San Francisco playing Shakespeare’s Bloodiest Bits. Oh, wow. That was a riot. Hailed as the violent parts of Shakespeare without all those other words to get in the way. It really was quite good. Much more than I was expecting. Also saw lots of costumed faire-goers and a puppet show with “guaranteed violence and a hanging.”

The yurt itself was very cool. Enough room to sleep five adults with lights and heater, so we kept toasty at night. It had a clear dome, about 3 feet in diameter, at the peak, so after we went to bed and our eyes adjusted, you could see the stars as you were falling asleep. We spent a few hours, before bed, with our homeschool friends across the park from us, around a campfire, the smoke helping to keep the killer swarming mosquitos away from us.

Sunday morning greeted us with the pummelling of rain on our yurt roof, but miraculously it cleared up by the time we were getting ready to head to the beach and we had beautiful sunny weather with hardly any wind. A gem of a day for May on the Oregon coast.

We found two starfish to take home (they were already dead), which was a surprise, because we haven’t ever found any!

Quite a lovely Mother’s Day. Pics are posted in the photo gallery for your viewing enjoyment.

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