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The wonder of music

April 20, 2004

Let me share a little story with you about the power of music. Isabel has never been a good sleeper. NEVER. She has not once slept through the night. She didn’t take regular naps either. I needed a break and needed her to sleep better. Three weeks ago I came up with the idea of playing classical music in the background to get her to take naps. So, for the past three weeks, I have put her down for a nap with the music playing in the background and for the past three weeks, she has napped daily. The minimum nap has been 1 1/2 hours, the longest was a little over three hours. This is amazing!! I finally found a way to get her to nap during the day. She has had similar problems at night, so I decided to try the same thing with her at night with the addition of a special cup with chamomile tea. She still is not sleeping through the night, but the sleep span between the time I put her down and the time she first wakes up is significantly longer than it was. Huzzah!! I found relief. Now, I will keep my fingers crossed that she will start sleeping through the night before she hits puberty.

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