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Los Angeles: City of Angels or deceptive siren song?

April 15, 2004

What is it with L.A.? How come so many people (especially New Mexicans, because I know a lot of them!) are moving to L.A.? The latest victim is a friend of mine; she used to be my best friend in high school. Maybe my favorite Los Angelinos can enlighten me. Why does it draw people in throngs? (I mean people besides starlet wanna be’s.)

Now, I have never been to L.A., so every opinion I have is really baseless as far as reality goes. But here are my main impressions of it: shallow and sunny. Have I been misjudging it based on false assumptions? Have I been snubbing it, perhaps, when there are many good qualities that are hidden under its shiny exterior? Is it akin to a cheerleader that secretly reads H.P. Lovecraft and Nietzsche and listens to The Cure?

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